Saturday, March 15, 2008

San Francisco Birthday Party Ideas

This is the first blog entry on San Francisco Birthday Ideas.
The goal of this blog is simple and stated in the title. In the coming weeks and months I will post new ideas as often as possible regarding birthday parties in our great City of San Francisco. I'm creating this blog because I feel there is a need for it. I've lived in San Francisco for almost 9 years and I've come to a realization that many people whether friends or family always resort to the easy otherwise overdone ideas. Some of these ideas include a restaurant or bar, or a house party. As a world renowned city San Francisco does have some great eateries and bars and I am not saying I won't be blogging about them, but SF and the Bay has much more to offer. You want to have a memorable birthday party then try something new and unique. I'm totally free to ideas as well. If you stumble upon this blog and have an idea please don't hesitate to send me a message, otherwise happy reading and I hope you find San Francisco Birthday Ideas helpful.

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