Saturday, March 15, 2008

1st San Francisco Birthday Idea- Bicycle Tour

Here is an idea, a really healthy one for that matter. I like the outdoors and nature so some of these blog entries might be biased toward outdoor activities in the San Francisco Bay Area, but hey, the SF Bay Area has a lot to offer in terms of the outdoors so why not explore.

Gather you friends and family, get on a bike and tour the city. This will give you a totally different view and perspective of SF. If some of the folks in your group don't have bikes, they can easily rent one. There are multiple bicycle rental shops in the City. So let me expand on this idea a bit. I'm not recommending you get a group of people together t just go out and do some cardiovascular exercise. It's a birthday party we are talking about here and it's supposed to be fun.

Plan Plan Plan

1. Plan your bicycle tour birthday party around some venues. For example get people together and bike across the Golden Gate Bridge, grab a meal in Sausalito, hop on a ferry with your bikes and come back to the city.

2. If you like food and there is a particular places you have wanted to try then pick a place for brunch, then a certain coffee shop, and then go out for an early lunch. In the mean time you get to see the city from a different view. I gaurante you will have some good laughs along the way watching your friends struggle up the hills.

3. What about a ride to the beach, through Golden Gate Park, a picnic in the park or the beach on the way in or out? Have you been to Golden Gate Park recently. It offers more than just a grassy area to lounge. There are multiple museums, buffalo, secluded ponds, birds, barbecue facilities. Did you know that Golden Gate Park is larger than New York's Central Park. When was the list time you visited the park? You know it was designed for the sole purpose of getting away within the City right? Check it out, it's a great place.

4. How about a museum tour in general? Ideas lead to ideas so if you get one from reading this blog please post your comments.

5. How about a ride along the Embarcadero waterfront, toward the Marina and Crissy Field then across the Golden Gate Bridge. There are tons of places to stop along the way. Tons.

6. I like the water a lot so a combination of the bay and a bicycle would be ideal for me. Hop on a ferry to Sausalito, or Tiburon, cruise the towns, find a nice place to hang out then ride back. If you've eaten or drank to much then just take the ferry back? You like seafood, have you ever been to Sam's in Tiburon or the host of other fantastic places adjacent to it?

I hope you will find the above San Francisco Birthday Party Ideas helpful. If so drop me a line with any and all questions or comments.

Thanks for reading and remember you can use the search box below to get more info on any of these ideas.

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